How to Survive: The Extraordinary Resilience of Ordinary People

Andy Steiner’s latest book, How to Survive: The Extraordinary Resilience of Ordinary People was released January 2015 by Minneapolis-based Think Piece Publishing.

 In this book, dozens of people who’ve lived through tough times share the unique ways they’ve weathered trauma to continue to live a meaningful life. Andy tells these everyday survivors’ stories in a journalistic reporting style, mixed with her own unique perspective. The book is available at bookstores and online.

Praise for How to Survive:

"I found much to admire about this book, which will be a valuable resource for people navigating their way through struggle.''

— Dan Buettner is author of the best-selling Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who Have Lived the Longest.

 ''Andy Steiner has accomplished something special in How to Survive: The Extraordinary Resilience of Ordinary People. The book not only offers an anthology of inspiring recovery stories but also resources and insights from those working in emotional wellness. It's a wonderful guidebook on how to get through difficult times.''

Cris Mazza is the author of Something Wrong With Her and more than a dozen other books. She directs the Program for Writers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

 ''The central thesis of the book is to help the reader learn, as Andy did, the sense of confidence that one holds the inner strength needed to survive trauma. It is filled with practical wisdom, and is a powerful and emotional book.''

Dr. Keith Roach is a practicing internist in New York and the author of “To Your Good Health,” a medical advice column syndicated in more than 150 newspapers.

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Other books by Andy STeINER 

Spilled Milk: Breastfeeding Adventures and Advice from Less-Than-Perfect Moms

 This book provides practical, funny and reassuring advice about breastfeeding your baby from moms who’ve been there.

 Praise for Spilled Milk:

 “Finally! A commonsense book on breastfeeding that abandons dreary, holier-than-thou approaches and instead embraces what’s loving, healthy, and wonderful about one of the coolest ways to relate to your baby. Just relax, get real, and take the practical, lively advice from mom Andy Steiner. You’ll be fine!”

Pamela Hill Nettleton, editor, Beginnings: Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

“Wise, witty, deliciously reassuring. The perfect pick-me-up for mothers convinced that they’re the only ones on the planet who are doing it wrong—which is pretty much all of us.”

Barbara Graham, author, Women Who Run with the Poodles                

“In this spirited mamafesto, Andy Steiner boldly and wisely challenges myths not only about the process and protocol of breastfeeding itself, but about what our culture expects—often unfairly—of its mothers. Steiner and her fellow breastfeeders share their stories of both the joys and the, well, letdowns of lactation in voices that are so blunt, sassy, and loving you’ll want to keep them around even after the breast pumps and nursing bras are packed away.”

Andi Zeisler, editor, Bitch magazine


A Sporting Chance: Sports and Gender

In this nonfiction children’s book, Steiner celebrates the athletic accomplishments of North American women and girls—both past and present. Read about such sports sheroes as Babe Didrickson, Wilma Rudoph and Billie Jean King. With rave reviews from librarians, parents, coaches and teachers, A Sporting Chance is a favorite book for boys and girls ages 8-12. Includes four-color illustrations and index.

 Praise for Sports and Gender:

“A book for reports, for athletic enthusiasts, and anyone interested in fair play.”

Rebecca O’Connell, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh


Girl Power on the Playing Field

Know a girl who loves to play sports? Girl Power on the Playing Field: A Book About Girls, Their Goals, and Their Struggles, is the book for her.

Packed with first-person stories from girls who tell about the positive impact physical activity has had on their lives as well as expert advice from adults who care about the well-being of young women, this book encourages girls to get out get active. Steiner’s encouraging, casual tone appeals to girls ages 8-12. She talks about the benefits of sports without preaching or lecturing. Includes four-color illustrations, easy-to-read sidebars, index and handy resource information.

Praise for Girl Power on the Playing Field:

“Steiner gives sound practical advice about the various sports, what you’ll need to play, benefits, and how to learn more—a reference to additional reading material. The varied layout, variety in type, and highlighted quotes from girls keep this book interesting and the reader engaged. Girls from age ten and up will find it fun, motivating, and most importantly an opportunity to challenge their own and other’s stereotypes and the limitations they have imposed.”

Kathleen Orosz,

You can buy this book online.



Andy Steiner has also contributed to two popular anthologies:

 Our Bodies Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth 

Blindsided By a Diaper: Over 30 Men and Women Reveal How Parenthood Changes a Relationship